PPK topographic/photogrammetry dji Phantom 4 using M2

can someone give me guide how to conduct PPK topographic/photogrammetry using dji Phantom 4 with m2 module?

Have you installed the module already?

Hi Joseph,

Reach M2 should be connected to the camera’s hot shoe to record precise time marks for the PPK Mapping. However, DJI Phantom 4 doesn’t provide hot shoe access. That’s why there is no straightforward way for its integration with Reach M2.

So the only reliable workaround here is to place GCPs in RTK with 2 Reach RS2 or 2 Reach RS+. It allows you to achieve several centimeters of accuracy for your project as well. This article from our docs contains the workflow description and several useful tips for GCPs placing.

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so it is posible to achieve precise mapping with the method you’ve mentioned?

i mean without rtk module mounted on the phantom 4 by just placing GCP on the ground we can get precise mapping? is that posible? if it is? how to process the data?

i haven’t yet buy phantom 4

Hi Joseph,

Yeah, it’s possible. In fact, it’s a traditional way to do drone mapping. Drones with RTK/PPK modules on a board are a relatively new solution.

But you probably need more GCPs than when flying with RTK/PPK drone. The final number depends on your area. I usually suggest checking this article from Pix4D. The great investigation about the needed number of GCPs. It should be interesting for you especially because they use DJI Phantom P4P there.

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