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PPK solution

(Aerocamera8) #1

I want to start PPK

What hardware and software do I need?

(Christian Grüner) #2

Here you go: https://docs.emlid.com/reach/common/tutorials/gps-post-processing/

(Aerocamera8) #3

Is this for PPK?

(Christian Grüner) #4

Yes (post processing kinematic)

(Michael Lambert) #5

I’m guessing with that forum name that you might be a drone operator? Putting your question together that way makes it obvious that you need to do some research on GPS basics and RTK vs PPK. The software in the link that @wizprod provided is pretty much the standard, but there are some out there that prefer to pay for a more polished interface like EZSurv.
When you say “hardware” I assume you’re talking about additional hardware needed to add to a drone you already have? Or are you looking to purchase a full set up?

(Aerocamera8) #7

Thank you

I have several drone and SonyA6000 camera .
I need Emlid hardware for to complete PPK system.
What should I buy?

(Michael Lambert) #9

You will need the Reach M+, Tallysman antenna a 5-volt power source and a hotshoe timing cable to run from the camera to the M+ that will create to events to re-geotag the photos. I don’t know exactly what cable you will need, but get with @Brian_Christal from Tuffwing.

Once you finish the mission then you will needed to process your GPS data in rtklib and then retag the photos in Geosetter.

(Stephanie) #11


As mentioned in a previous post EZSurv is an excellent software to post-process Emlid products efficiently!
EZSurv allows the use of your Country reference frame (Datum, projection, local grid and vertical surface/MSL). For drones mapping, it allows to interpolate a photo for each position based on your drone configuration (antenna offset, latency between timestamp and actual camera shot). At the end of the PPK/interpolation it also write PPK position directly in the photo Exif, thus eliminating data file manipulation and providing great efficiency and accuracy!

The software is available for demo at: http://www.effigis.com/en/freetrial/