PPK setup with Reach device

Hi chascoadmin and jazee, I never did PPK bevore and have a question - hope that´s ok :slight_smile:
As far as I understood PPK I need an additional base station - not just the rover and the rover logs? Is it possible to use a NTRIP client as base station for PPK as a just own one Emlid Reach RS+.
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Yes, you can use NTRIP or CORS, but with the RS+, you need to have the station within 10 km with RTK, and 20 km using PPK.

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Thank you very much wizprod for clarifying this. When it comes to base distance I can also work with virtual reference station, right?

That correct. They are all very similar. In our area we do not have a good public source for an RTK service which is why I typically use a base/rover scenario, but I can PPK my results using the Department of Transportation posted logs. The only time this becomes a pain is if a survey session or drone flight spans across the top of the hour. It’s a little different depending on where you are.

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Let me conclude on this topic.

That’s right. For post-processing, you need logs from the base and rover. You can find out more information about the post-processing workflow in these guides.

You can use the NTRIP caster as a remote base with Reach RS+ rover in PPK. After the survey, you can request the correction log from the nearest NTRIP caster.

As Christian has mentioned, the distance between Reach RS+ rover and your mount point shouldn’t exceed a particular value. For PPK, it’s 30 km.

Please note that you can work with VRS in RTK mode only.

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Let me correct myself.

It’s possible to use the VRS technology in PPK. Your PPK software needs to be able to work with VRS technology and have an access to VRS server or to CORS network to download logs for PPK.


Thank you very much for your answers. Is there a special reason why I have to use another softwere (than RTKlib) when it comes to VRS? As I understand it I can order PPK data from my provider (APOS) and ask for the use of VRS - what I get seems to be “ordinary” log files… What software would you recommend istead of RTKlib to use for VRS PPK?

Hello Olivia,

I can suggest GNSS Solutions v3.80.3 (Free for single band post-processing)
To have an idea I can suggest also this good video made by our friend @TB_RTK

Finally, If you need any particular help you can contact me by PM.

@Zinou Thanks. Thats an old one.
Man I suck at video editing :rofl:


Hello Zinou,
thank you very much for the software hint (and TB_RTK for the video) :slight_smile: I definitly will give it a try. An thank for the offer to PM you for help!


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