PPK Processing of Mavic 3M images

Is it possible to perform PPK processing of DJI Mavic 3M spectral images using Emlid Studio? I am using version 1.7. It works fine for the RGB images; however, after running the process on the spectral images, I get an error.
[14:55:37.299] [GeotaggingTracker] [info] finished: “[Result = error:7, errorMessage:Couldn’t tag any images, skipped 0 of 0]”
I think this is an issue for other PPK post-processing software.

Hi @jpzebrowski,

Welcome to the community! Could you please send the RINEX and Navigation files from the base and the drone, along with the images? You can send it to us via email at support@emlid.com.

Thank you!

Thanks for your help in resolving this. Since Emlid Studio does not support tifs, I can do a simple workaround of georeferencing the spectral mosaic to the RGB mosaic i created in Drone2Map. in ArcGIS Pro. Pro’s automatic georefencing worked perfectly since the RGB and spectral images were collected simultaneously.