PPK process phantom procedure help


I’m having trouble to understand and need some help.
I flew my phantom 3times using pix4d capture and GS pro.
setup on the known bench mark for base.

rover = UAV. with tally and Reach m+
once i setup on bench mark i started logging.

rover. i wanted to check bench mark coordinate so i created a point SSM check and stored a point on the bench mark

started logging with rover.

questions: I have exported my stored point and it’s only showing me lat,long,z which does not look like the bench mark coordinate. (Base) how do i change it to X,Y,Z format to review? and what did i do wrong here? (observed a single point)

  • when i setup reach, i can’t select the coordinate system? when i create a job in survey there isn’t any setup i can change my coordinate system…

  • if i want GCP’s then i can walk around with a rover and store a point. method can be float, fixed or single it does not effect my survey accuracy does it?

  • i have processed from what i have. created nav,obs,pos,event pos files.

RTKPOST it has time start and time end. if i don’t put the time frame here, how does it effect my flight data???

  • once i start logging and i may not fly straight away and move around. that still record in UBX file. is that all going to effect the data when i geotag which is next process??

  • I have processed and looking at my plot of flights.
    because logging file is combined for 3flights it looks so weird, how do i separate each flight logging? do i need to stop logging for each flight and continue?(base and rover) like this to separate?

  • all my flights are Q5 single observation… is it because when i setup reach rover i set to single???

  • It took me so long to find a known coordinate to setup my base. can i do it from unknown arbitrary coordinate? and still process?

please any comment and help would be appreciated!

this is what it looks like with 3flights logged processed data…

Hi @telecom,

May I ask you to post raw data files from both base and rover here?

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Hi tat

here is full data to access. let me know if you get better results!

file contains,
original photos, base/rover log files, RTKpost configuration i used.


this is the best results i got so far. let me know if you get better results or different results from what i have…

Hi Mark,

I checked the raw data you shared. Look at the screenshot below (the left image is the base observation file, and the right is the rover one).

The SNR values of all the satellite traces are less than 40, and there are a lot of cycle slips on both graphs. Each cycle slip detects a moment when the satellite signal was interrupted for some reasons. You can read more about raw data assessment here.

Have you provided a ground plane for the tallysman antenna?
Could you please also share photos of your hardware setup?

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