PPK of base position

A related query from a newbie working with GNSS data from Patagonia (thanks in advance!):

If we did several daily surveys using same base location but each time using Average Fix Position of 30min, I understand that all rover acquired points will be relative to a different Base position - how to make all the survey data consistent to a unique Base position?

My first thought is to use the base raw data longest log to get absolute Base pos (using CSRS since nearest IGS station 10 km away hasn´t got the data since 2020, and the next one is 385km away). Then use RTKPost with that Position for the Base for each survey day.

thanks in advance


By using the same base station at time of collection (RTK) or afterwards (PPK)

If you have the raw-files, you could PPP (not the same as PPK) the data with i.e. NRCAN.

Thanks @wizprod, I processed the base position with the best and longest day of acquisition data with NRCAN CSRS PPP, so now I can use that, let´s name it “LLHbasePPP”.
I assume is as easy as shifting all points LLHs by correcting dLat, dLong and dH from each day´s LLHbase(dayN) deviation from LLHbasePPP - right?

Hi @adussa,

This sounds correct!

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