PPK methodolgy

Could some one please explain to me why, when using identical options/settings, the same point can be processed as a fix when using a subset of a data set (couple of minutes) but then a float when using a larger data set (couple of hours - i.e. not using Time Start and Time End)?

I can upload data if people are keen, but I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference.

Looking forward to the responses!!

Here’s one possibility:

Some versions of RTKLIB will remove a satellite from the solution based on certain trials or certain rules. It could be that because of certain timing or previous bad behaviour that a key satellite was removed from the solution in your long data set. That removal being enough to degrade the solution to float instead of fix.

Hey bide,

Thanks for your idea. I’m not sure. It could be. I have been iteratively applying SNR/elevation masks to see if I can open the damn thing up to give more fixes - nope. not interested. i know that there will be some I cant get, but others should be stock standard.
It was kinematic data collection for the most part, but the point I really need to get right now is the control point prior to the survey, so I will try in static.


Ok, that did not work

I have you tried deleting RTKpost .config file and redo the process?
Or if you can share logs?

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