PPK Height POS file

I ran a PPK project using 2 Leica antenna. I uploaded both rover and base, Emlid Studios said it recognized the antenna type and would apply the correct offsets. Everything seems fine. Good fixed solutions. My only question is: in the POS file is the ellipsoidal height to the ARP or the Phase Center?

I am under the impression it is to the ARP since Emlid Studios recognized and new what antenna I was using.



It should always be ARP. The Rinex file should contain your antenna phase center offset.


Hi @snillor999,

Since Emlid Studio recognizes the antenna type, the height in the .pos file will be the ARP, as @Zaz5400 also mentioned.

Meanwhile, if you specify the measured height as below, then it will be the point on the ground.

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Thanks for claritying. I thought that was way it worked. And I was using a 0 antenna (measured) height.