PPK for Dummies?


being a Newbie I am trying to get a correct setup for geotagging my pictures using a PPK setup (firmware is 1.2, ReachView 0.4.9). Reading the forum I got the impression I need to set up both Reach as rover with the following settings:

Positioning mode: static
Used positioning system: gps, sbas, glo
Dynamics model: off
ublox configuration file: GPS_GLONASS_5Hz
Input source for base corrections: off
Solution 1 output path: file
Solution 1 output format: llh
Solution 2 output path: off
Raw data log for onboard receiver: file
Raw data log for base corrections: off
Base antenna coordinates: rtcm
GLONASS integer ambiguity resolution mode: off

Is this correct ?
Thanks for helping.

Yes it’s correct