PPK FIX-and-HOLD settings inside RS+

I always use raw UBX logging in both RS+ (rover and base)
Then I correct by PPK later.
I use FIX-and-HOLD at RTKLIB software settings
I never need any live RTK correctin on site .
Does it matter inside both RS+ (rover and base ) to change setting between FIX-and-HOLD and CONTINUOUS?

Yep, they are 2 different algorithms for getting a fix.
My personal opinion and experience is that:

  • Fix and hold works great to give solid fix quickly. However, in difficult conditions I have seen false fixes, so I would primarily use it in good conditions, especially using single frequency.
  • Continuous takes a little longer to fix (hence you need longer obs times) , and you loose the fix quicker. However, I prefer this mode for PPK, as it is more sensitive to bad signal, and would go to Float instead, which serves as a clear indication that the physics are challenged under current conditions.

My question is :
Suppose I want to use FIX-and-HOLD logarithm during PPK on my PC ,
is it must to first set inside RS+ (rover and base) setting to FIX-and-HOLD?
or it does not matter since I am just logging raw UBX by RS+ (rover and base)

Doesn’t matter, since you are using the Rinex/UBX raw-data. That’s the beauty of Post-Processing. Much more flexibility!

So you confirm that setting of FIX-and-HOLD or CONTINUOUS
inside reach RS+ machine is just for RTK and never affect PPK since I can choose later one of them during PPK on my PC ?

Correct, the settings for method in RS+ only applies to the RTK result, not to the raw-files.


Thank you very much I appreciate your helpful answers

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