PPK Failure

It looks like my equipment had some issues on a flight yesterday. All I got was Q=5 in RTKPOST. Here are all the files, UBX and the output. Thanks!


I just ran the next mission and it processed normally so I think this data might be trash.

It looks like the base log ends about 20 minutes before the rover log starts up.

Maybe you just grabbed the wrong log file?

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Okay, thank you. How do I go about viewing that? Iā€™m pretty new to trying to read logs.

Thanks again @bide. I used my brain a little more and realized that the 24h ending time was on the end of the file name. Turns out I tried to use the same rover (drone) log for both. Downloading the correct one now. :man_student:


The point I noticed it was when I had one log open in RTKPLOT and had just ran RTKCONV on the other. The start and stop times were visible at the bottom of the screen on both.

But if you opened up your .OBS files in a text viewer, then on lines 15 and 16 the start and stop times are visible there too.


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