PPK Drone Survey Logs

When logging raw on the RS2+ for a PPK drone survey, what happens if your survey takes longer, or crosses over the hour log file that Emlid Flow produces?

In the Logging → Common Settings section, what is the Split Logs Interval set at? Normally by default it should be split at 24h and you should get continous files of several hours.

I would check that setting if I were you.

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It always used to be a continuous log. Maybe since an update it has set it to 1hr files.

I’ll check the settings section.

Hi @tony1

Sorry for the silence here!

I’ve checked that for the latest update. Logging interval will be set up to 24 hours as the default value.

I agree with @Gabriel_C about checking the logging interval to ensure continuous logs.

Have you checked the settings? Let me know how it is going.

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