PPK creating a known point using "base" and CORs Data

Help please. I am using recent versions of reach rs+ and RTK LIB post. I am using a single Reach RS+ as a base to create a known point. My plot points are 100% Q5. I collected data for 2 hours on an unknown point (in hopes to create a known point) and I pulled CORs data from ZDC1 during the correct Julian date and time frame. The CORs station is 30 km away. I have tried almost every combination of options in RTK POST to get a fixed solution but nothing works. Does anybody have tips?

I think 30km is stretching an L1 receiver’s capability. If L1 could get a fix in 30km then no one would buy an L1/L2 receiver.
Try a shorter distance like <10km or 5km.

I am not using the station for NTRIP corrections but for post processing. Would that distance of 30km still prevent me from getting Q1 solutions even when using a post processing workflow?

From the RS+ webpage

I remember observing baselines <10km with an L1 receiver and observing from 8am-1pm would sometimes still return a float solution.

30 km is perfectly doable on L1 for PPK, and if you didn’t get a fix solution, you should at least have gotten a float solution.
Can you post your base and rover raw files, as well as your RTKpost settings?



The link should direct you to my .obs files for my “base” and the nav file for the CORs station as well as the obs file (o) file. I am going to attach pictures of my settings from RTK POST as well.

Thanks, I’ll take a look later. Do you have the .ubx file as well?

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Yes I do. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F3IyqechZQaKmfcuGTZaQVsuXZ8j8xUh. That link has all the files in it to view.

have you tried to set Solution for Static Mode --> Single?

Your 2 datasets have no overlapping data.

2019 10 2 16 19 34.9910000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2019 10 2 18 19 36.0050000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

teqc.w windowed: start @ 2019 Oct 2 12:00:00.000 COMMENT
teqc.w windowed: end @ 2019 Oct 2 15:00:00.000 COMMENT


Q5 usually means, that you don’t have overlapping data. In cases, when you will have overlapping data, but it is not enough for the FIX, you will get Q2, that is FLOAT solution. And Q1 is FIX.

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Hi @fjosiah050,

I agree with our users, it seems you base and rover RINEX data were recorded during different time periods. Please make sure you got the correct file from CORS.

Also, I’d like to point out that we recommend not exceeding the baseline in 10 km for RTK only.
With PPK, 30-40 km should be fine for Reach RS+.

Thank so much!!! That worked!!