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Hello good morning, I need help in using the equipment, I want to use it in PPK mode, my question is:

How do I get an accurate measurement of the coordinates, since I am measuring with the base I have some coordinates that have an altitude error of 10 meters, how did I have to configure the equipment to be centimeters?

Thank you

Hi David,

To begin with, could you describe how your setup looks like? Could you describe your step-by-step actions bringing you to the point when you get an altitude error of 10 meters?

How do you know that the elevation is incorrect?


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Hi David,

Hello, the configuration is as follows
rtk configuration:
positioning mode: kinematic
GPS ARmode: fix and hole
15 ° lifting mask
SNR mask 35 °
Maximum vertical acceleration: 1 m / s2
Horizontal: 1.5 m / s2
GNSS select all but BEIDOU

Correction input: off
Position output: off

Base mode Position output: off
Base Coordinates:
Input mode: simple average

I create a survey and start recording a point, I get a coordinate, I coordinate that coordinate with an MDE (digital elevation model) that I have and there I see that the elevation value in a single point differs by 10 meters

Hi @alejandro.bascur.500,

Could you clarify whether you use the device in a standalone mode?

Also, what the Digital elevation model do you use for comparison? It’s important to know its provider and spatial resolution.

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I think your elevation is based on the WGS84 datum since you did not mention any reference geoid in the post processing. If you used RTKLib in the post processing then more likely results are the default WGS84 system.

Ellipsoidal height is different from MSL or Geoidal height but for small areas or long enough observation time, there will be a common difference between the 2 datum.

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