PPK before having a PPP point computed

I would like to know how can I do corrections in PPK mode of the measured points on a field before having the PPP base coordinate. While the base is obtaining data to later on compute the PPP abosolute position (CRSC-CANADA-PPP) I want to collect data, then somehow adjust all the points that I measured to the PPP position. I can not waste one day measuring to obtain a PPP, and then when that´s ready , start the survey.

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You dont have to PPK now, but rather wait until PPP can be processed.
When the PPP data is ready and you have an absolute position for your base, then PPK the rest of the data. You do this by filling in the correct base station coordinates thats been computed from NrCan PPP process.
If you are looking for absolute positions for your rovers point, I dont see why it should be usefull to PPK first and then shift all points later.



Thanks for your reply. So, in other words, you are saying that in Emlid Studio, if I use the observation data from the base and then I configure manually its coordinates based from the PPP calculation, I should get the same results as if I had waited for that PPP coordinate and then take the set of points based on that base coordinate? Can it be done in TBC and in Emlid Studio?


Of course. Its the same result with less work. You would be essentially correcting the rover points with a base on a (now) known coordinate.