PPK - Base Setup Require Known Point?

Does the base need to be setup over a known point when working in Post-Processed Kinematic with the goal of achieving high accuracy (7mm+1mm/km)?

In my scenario, it will not be safe to leave the base over a known monument. I would like to place the base in a safe location while I collect data with the rover.

Thank you very much for your insight. It is greatly appreciated!!!

Hi Jonathan,

Basically, it depends on the accuracy you need: relative or absolute.

If you need points in your survey to be located with centimeter-level accuracy relative to the base and towards one another only - it’s unnecessary to know the precise base coordinates. So you can easily place your base locally and use coordinates from the RINEX header in post-processing.

However, a precise base position is needed to achieve high absolute accuracy. The easiest way here is indeed to set the base over a known point, but you can also place your own base and get its coordinates using Average Fix (centimeter-accurate) or PPP service (up to 2 cm accurate for Reach RS2).

Thank you!

Hello everyone.
Is it possible to have the base coordinates store in every project so that we don’t manually input them again everytime we go back to the particular project…


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Hi Mon,

Sure, if you’re working on a project with the projected coordinates, your base’s coordinates are in there already! Still, if you’re choosing the Global CS option, there are no coordinates exported. That’s a work in progress, I can tell you that we’ll be adding it to the export soon enough, too :slight_smile:

At the moment, you can catch the base’s coordinates in the ReachView 3 project. Just tap on the point you collected, and in its info, you’ll see the Base position during its collection. Not the project export, of course, but I guess it can help you to write it down, if necessary.

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Thanks for the advise.

Hi Mon,

Just reread your question and it’s struck me that you meant the base position in Emlid Studio. We indeed don’t have it in the CSV export of the Studio for now. But I’ll mark you request :ok_hand:

Edit: fixed a typo.

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