PPK Base rinex header problem

Hello everyone.

we are doing ppk flights with drone and we have some doubts.

so far the results are very good, but at the time of postprocessing we have a problem with the rinex header.
To get the position of my base I use ntrip corrections until I get a fixed position. Once I have a two-minute average fix, we start the logging of the raw data.

The problem is that when I postprocess the data in RTKLIB to be able to obtain accurate data, I have to enter the base position manually (I always take captures) instead if I use the rinex header of my base I always get errors of quite a few meters.

does anyone know how to make my rinex of my base have the header correctly?

Best regards.

The Rinex header position is approximate. Always enter the correct coordinates in RTKPost, or when converting from UBX to Rinex.

On another note, any particular reason why you are not just letting the log run, but start it at a specific time ?

the truth is that I don’t know why … but I always had the feeling that if I start the logs in fix my results will be more precise. false intuition probably …

You could manually edit the Rinex header in a text editor but might as well just as easily type it into RTKLib!

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