PPK accuracy


my problem is to understand, event.pos file.
The Problem is :
I have Q=2, but sdn,sdu, sdne ,etc are in milimeter. What do they mean? How can i find the accuracy of my measurments?

Are they in milimeter or in Sub-Centimeter? Where are the Informations about accuracy?

Thanks alot!

Hi Maryam,

We’ll examine your logs and come back with an answer.

Hi Maryam,

Q=2 means that you have a Float solution, and accuracy is submeter-level.

Values in 8-13 columns (sdn, sde, sdu, sdne, sdeu, sdun) stand for standard deviations of solution. They assume a priori error model and error parameters by positioning options. Basically, this is how far a given point is from average.

You can find more information on the LLH protocol description in RTKLIB ver. 2.4.2 Manual [PDF, 6.1 MB] on page 102.

May I ask you to send us your Base and Rover raw data logs to determine why you get only Float solution?

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