Poweroff via RS232 - Reach RS+


We are building a GPS driven machine and are using a Reach RS+.
The question is: Is there a way that we can turnoff the reach via a serial command?

We have a hard wired connection (DF13) to the reach.
The feature to power on is perfect.
The feature to power off is what we are looking for.

We can’t do it via WiFi or bluetooth because of stability issues that we are currently having.


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At the moment the only way to shut down the device without a button is to use “the power button” in Settings in ReachView.


Hello Andrew

Thank you.
If we could do it via WiFi, is there a URL that we can call to trigger the “Shutdown” action?
I would suppose there is as you guys also do it from the app.


Soon we’ll add a device shutdown feature when the power is turned off :slightly_smiling_face:
Now the shutdown button is the only workaround.


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