My battery is 6s battery that means I can’t use powering module for navio 2 , what should I do?

Hi, Mohammad_Ardestani
You can use 6S LiPo battery.

That’s interesting. So you are suggesting that Emlid’s stock Power Module is good for 6 cells?

From your own Store page…

“Supports LiPo batteries up to 4S”

Personally, I would not trust it on 6S voltage.

Perhaps easiest is something like this…

Or a bit more complex with a bit more flexibility…


Thank you Coby, there is a way to have 200A current? I have a battery works on 25 volt and 200A current, I want to make octocopter with emax mt5210, now how I can powering navio2? I think only way is using ECS to powering navio2, what’s your opinion?

Hi Alex
I can’t use stock powering module because it’s only support 4s batteries my battery is 6s

this should do it!
200A sensor

I’d be interested in your whole setup mohammad! that would something above 4kw max, if i calculated that correctly; that’s a lot of power!

What @panky listed should work. Although what you are listing is likely your battery’s max current. You will need to figure out how much power you will actually use. E.g. I fly ~5kg on about ~20 amps in a hover at sea level using a 6S and 14in props. A very rough rule of thumb is 100watts per kilo for hover power required. Won’t always be exact but can give you an idea of what you might be seeing in a system. Otherwise use a tool like ecalc or similar.

@panky this is that I want thank you very much bro

Yes, what I said is the maximum power of my battery but actually I have 20kg payload that makes totaly 3200 watt power of 8 motors
My battery specs is:
Capacity: 100000 mAh
Max current: 200 amps
Weight: 10 kg

got it. must be a monster. i would also consider running two 5V regulators. one into power port and one into servo rail. i use Castle BEC’s but any good 5V regulator will do the job.

Thanks bro