Powering the Reach M+

Hi all! I just purchased the Reach M+, which I will be installing on my Matrice 600 drone, in combination with the Sony A6000 (and hotshoe adapter, which goes into port C1). Question regarding supplying the Reach with 5V…
I mount the A6000 in a gimbal that can also house my Micasense RedEdge camera. This camera gets its 5V through a 3S LiPo with UBEC. I want to use that same power source to feed the Reach. See attached picture. To which port can I hook up the battery?


Please check this docs entry:


Thanks! I already saw that one… but just wanted to double check in here, since I see no 5V pin on the S ports. I now assume that pin 7 on port S2 is 5V… correct? Which would mean I can use the 7-pin cable that came with the Reach M+ and cut wires 2 through 6… leaving 1 and 7 to be connected to my LiPo? (I won’t use a radio anyway… I’ll do PPK with this setup)

And can’t I use C2 for this? I just soldered the wrong cable lol

Can you please confirm this @dmitriy.ershov?

I can confirm you can use ports S1 and S2 to power Reach as you’ve described above :slight_smile:
You can also use C ports.

Oh nice… also C huh? Then I can go ahead and give it a try now :slight_smile: Thank you!

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