Powering peripherals of RPI2/Navio2

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the user in this post http://uavmatrix.com/Blog/38/#cmt this is powering the RPI2/navio2 peripherals by connecting a BEC to some pins…
Is there a cleaner way to do this without soldering ???
The original navio power module gives 5.3V and 2.25A… Is is possible to use another power module thhat gives more Amps (e.g 5A) ??? WOuld this allow us to connect more usb devices that demand power ??

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@drone_newbie Hi! connector of the power port is DF13 and pins of these connectors are specified to handle 1A (we use two pins for power). 10-15% more current won’t hurt usually, but 5A should probably be too much.

ok… thanks for the response…

is there any other solution for supllying power to usb’s?


@drone_newbie best way is to use USB hub with external power port supplied by a BEC.

Finally, i think i will use a 3A BEC. On the two output cables of the BEC I will solder a microusb connector in order to feed RPi2 with power through its microusb power port…
My last questions is: As I am using the standard navio2 power module that outputs 2.25A, does this mean that If i also connect to the microusb port of RPI2 a 3A BEC , I will have a total of 5.25A for my peripherals to use ??? DOes it work like that ??

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@drone_newbie not exactly, there’s an ideal diode scheme that would select the power supply with higher voltage, two supplies won’t work together.

So you would either need a power supply with higher current rating or a powered USB hub.

Also, Raspberry Pi has USB limiter that can limit the current on its USB ports (it can be disabled with options in config files).