Powering options for the Raspberry Pi and Navio

So the majority of people will be wanting to put the Navio/Pi on their rovers, quadcopters, planes, etc - all running on something like a 3S,4S, etc Lipo battery.

Are you guys going to have some powering guides and diagrams on how to hook them up to power the PI & Navio board.

Hello Chuck,
The guide for powering RPi and Navio is in Getting started tutorial.
Also, there’s a Connection map that shows power distribution in Navio.
We’ll add powering diagrams a little bit later.

Hardware setup guide is now available and contains connection diagrams.

Hi Mikhail,
I have been looking at the hardware guide and the connection diagrams, great work. Now where can I buy the BECs and how are they connected to my LiPo batteries? Do I need two bateries then or can both BEC’s be connected to the same lipo?

please advise, thank you


Hi Hugo,

You can get BECs from any RC store(for example HobbyKing or your local one), both BECs could be connected to the same battery.