Powering emlid through a 9-pin connector

The USB port of one of our RS2+ receivers is not working properly. The solution to charge it would be through the 9-pin port.

I was wondering that if I bought a Reach Cable with a DB9 connector that would work for a power adapter used to charg cell phones through a DB9 to USB adapter, since it meets the powering requirements (6V to 40V, Min 5W),
As I mentioned before, the only purpose is charging emlid.
Also, I know that the RS2+ receiver won’t be fully discharged, otherwise it wouldn’t work at all.

Any thoughts?



Sounds like you need the cable without DB9 connector for both POWER and data.

Try @ceith too about the faulty USB connector.

Here’s a start in case nobody responds quickly:

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@timd1971 , thank you for your answer. But as I said, I just need to power the device. I don’t need the data.

Thanks for the link provided. I read this topic. However, some links are unfortunately broken.

I understand that… was pointing out that the cable with the DB9 does NOT provide power. You need the cable without DB9 end. Search past posts, lots of info on this.

Reach cable 2m w/o 2nd connector – Emlid Store US (Emlid Tech Kft.)

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@timd1971, Thanks. I’m thinking that for my case, I should buy a cabel without DB9 end, and connect it to a USB connector ,then use a power adapter that meets the recommended specs. Do you have any better ideas?

Maybe someone else can jump in with help… but personally I’d try fixing the USB port if push came to shove, but that’s me. I completely understand Emlid doesn’t recommend repairing yourself. i.e. mess up the antenna phase center, fry something, break seal, etc etc… but again, that’s me, especially after standard warranty totally gone ; )

Emlid should offer an EXTENDED WARRANTY plan for these cases come up or at least have some sort of repair / loaner program versus have to buy a new unit just because of a faulty 10 cent usb connector.


I agree with you regarding the warranty issues.
I don’t even know how to open my the EMLID or where should I take it to be fixed. If I do by myself, I’m pretty sure I’ll mess it up big time ;D

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I can confirm that @ceith can help you here , as he made me that exact cable that you explained


The guys are right. Just get the CBL101 cable (without connector), then wire it to a power source that is at least six volts DC.
(a USB charger is only 5-Volts and that is not good enough)

If you need someone to do it for you, any electronics repair shop or electro/techie person should have the skills. The cable pinout is in the documentation.

Otherwise, you could contact me directly if you want your RS2+ USB-port repaired.

Before all that, do yourself a favour: Get some isopropol alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a tooth-brush to clean the USB port. Spend a few minutes getting the bristles wet with the alcohol and deep into the USB socket (gently). Pause to wipe the bristles clean and dry, and repeat a few times. Do your USB cable ends also. Then let the sockets dry for a while (or blow air in to the socket to dry it faster), and check the function. Sometimes that helps. Good luck.


I found a picture of the cable you built me


Sure, a 5V cable could be duplicated like that and it may work fine, but don’t the specs recommend 6V minimum nowadays?

If so, then duplicating that 5V cable could be an experiment to try.

My recollection is that @davehofer1993 you had some kind of high-powered USB power supply connected to that cable, but maybe also you know if the cable still charges well using a newer model RS2+/RS3 and a cheap-o $0.99 USB wall-wart or car-charger.

side-note: A USB-C with PD might be another idea, but some brains will be required in-line to activate the PD functions.

And zooming back out: in general - if a user wants to charge by USB, then the plug into the USB-port and not the EXT-port.
(and for OPs case, fix USB-port or get a power-source that is in-spec for the EXT port - will be less potential for headaches)


Hi @ceith,

Thanks for your answer!
We already tried to clean it the way you told us. However, the issue is that the connector is a little bit loosen.

We’ ll try to charge it up through the 9-pin connector. However, it that doesn’t work, I’ll reach you out to check if you could repair the USB-port for this specific receiver.

I really appreciate your help!


Hi Rafael,

As Ceith and Tim mentioned, you would need a Reach cable without the second connector to power RS2+. Here’s a link to the external bottom connector pinout and the cable pinout. To charge the receiver, 5 W is required.


Thanks, @olesia.riman . Will do.

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