Power to USB cable

Hey there, I have read many times, that you need more power for LTE modules, but if possible I would like to build some USB cable that is powered by the BEC, instead of the Raspberry. How can I do that and what has to be soldered to where?

Thank you



But anyway you have to connect the LTE module USB into your Raspberry for “data” connection, so it’s easier.

You don’t need a “USB cable powered”, you can buy a powered USB hub if you don’t want to solder direct into your raspberry.

But again , the jumper is only 2 wires, really light, the powered hub …not.

But could I also just cut the power wires on the usb cable, and connect them to the jumper?

yes, but you have to do for each device.

more work

and not good idea cut usb cables

Okay, so I will solder the raspberry. What should I solder where?

I followed this step by step from uavmatrix.com

But I did because I have USB Camera AND Modem LTE at the same time, only the modem works fine alone.