Power routing Navio2 to Reach M+


I have rover setup that looks like below

USB power(5.25v, 3A) -> PI3
-> Navio2 (UART port)
-> (S1 port) Reach M+ (USB port)
<-> RF serial receiver (receives RTK corrections)

Facing 2 issues :

  • Sometimes reach m+ shutsdown by itself , and then wont restart when pi is restarted
  • Gets very hot sometimes.

Question :

  • is there any logs on the ReachM+ to see why it wont start up and or why it shutdown.
  • Is the UART on NAVIO2 powered only under certain conditions or is power always on ?

Hi @sundru,

I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand your hardware setup. Could you clarify whether you connect the Navio2 UART port to the Reach M+ S1 port or Reach M+ USB port?

If you could send the photos it would be very helpful.

The full system report can be downloaded from the Reach. It contains logs about the condition of all parts of the system. For example, you can share it with me so that I can check out the temperature of the unit.

The UART port is always powered. However, if Navio2 isn’t provided with sufficient power itself, it won’t be able to provide enough power for the UART port.

Attached a pic
Navio2 is sufficiently powered by a 5.1, 10 amp DC-DC supply.

Also attached full logsSystemReport.zip (377.8 KB)

At this point am thinking this is a hardware issue with power , have tried separately , only usb power or only S1 power both heat up reach M+ to like 170F

Hello there,

This usually indicates that power circuitry of the unit has been damages. There may be several reasons for that such as improper powering or overheating of the module caused by poor ventilation.

I saw your email, let’t continue the conversation there to check how we can help.

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