Power on, few seconds later, autoshuttdown

Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone is experiencing some kind of problem with batteries. I have this issue: I power on my new Emlid Reach RS+, orange led light up, after approximately 20 seconds, orange led blink few times and automatically shutdown.
I have charged the unit for some time, and it’s doing the same thing all the time. Anyone know what could be?
Thank you all. Greetings

Rodrigo Ruiz Lopez
(From Argentina)

Good afternoon.
Yesterday this happened to me with my rover, I did it only once and then it turned on without problems. It was not pleasant to have traveled 300 km and to think that I was without a battery.

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Email support@emlid.com with serial number and problem.

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Hi Rodrigo,

I’ve just replied to your email.

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