Power NAVIO2/Pi form ESC linear BEC

Hi all,

I’m building a ground vehicle, I am thinking of powering the NAVIO2 from the Servo rail, using the 5v output of the car’s ESC. The esc is a Hobbyking one, and supposedly has a linear BEC. Link below:

Is it safe to do so? Should I expect noise issues that could affect the Pi in any way, or is the NAVIO2 able to protect from those?

I’m a novice when it comes to power, but I’ve heard that powering using a ESC BEC can introduce noise and even cause failures for the Pi.

navio is protected from overvoltage through the servo rail, but anything else on the servo rail could be affected by voltage spikes; (servos, other ESCs, etc.)

that’s possible but i never experienced a problem with navio/rpi; just make sure you do not exceed the max Amps for the BEC; (2A is enough for navio; but you might also have a 2,4ghz transmitter, telemetry, etc…)

you should be fine if you use that BEC and don’t get too near to 2A, from my personal experience!
But with a power module you could observe lipos voltage and used Capacity what could help to not discharge your batteries too low and also have power redundancy!

Thanks for the reply!

Eventually I’ll be using the power module, but for now I have to stick with the ESC. But it’s reassuring to know that NAVIO is protected from overvoltage.