Power module specs for Navio 2

We got a Navio 2 kit from robotshop.eu.

There is something weird with the power module connector. It does not fit into the Navio 2. I had to cut some parts of the connector to make it fit.

But in any case we cannot use this module because it is xt60 and we need xt90. We need to redesign this module but I cannot find the specifications. We would especially need the pin layout and voltage range.

Thank you

This is the connector problem I mentionned: Navio2 Power Module
Looked all over the web and this forum a few weeks ago for this problem and could not find anything…

Why do you need to redesign the power module?
Simply desolder the XT60 plugs and solder XT90 to it. Should not take more than 10min.

We use xt90 because we need max 80 amps for motors only. Isn’t this too much for this module?

The power module should be able to meassure up to 90A together with the Navio2. The Navio2 has a 5V ADC, where the Navio+ only had a 3.3V ADC.
But you are right, the Emlid shop still states 60A in the power modules specifications. That should be obsolete, but perhaps someone official (@igor.vereninov, @mikhail.avkhimenia) can clarify this.

@schuermannsebastian You are right, with Navio2 (but not with Navio+) it is possible to use this power module with current up to 90A and different power connectors \ thicker wires. I’ll add the info in the shop, thanks for noticing this.

Thank you.