Power module question

I am thinking of using the power module for a completely different application and so I have a few questions …

  1. The outputs are 5v @ 2.25A on VCC, I and V sensing. What is the purpose of the other wires?
  2. I assume that the I & V pins are analogue values corresponding with input V and current draw I. What are the input ranges? Documentation on ardupilot says max 18v and 90A - is this also the calibrated range.
  3. What is the analogue output range? Is it linear? 0 to 90 = 0 to 3.3V
  4. What is the resolution that I can expect on the measurements?
  5. I assume that the current flow is unidirectional - what occurs in a reverse current situation zero I? Is it blocked?
  6. What is the voltage drop across the input/output?

A lot of questions … maybe there is a spec sheet that I can use?

Many thanks

Hey Gary, hope this can clarify things

  1. There are two pairs of power wires (2x VCC and 2x GND) for higher current throughput.
  2. Specs for our power module are here.
  3. I and V pins on Navio2 are 6.6V max (3.3V on Navio+).
  4. ADC on Navio2 is 12-bit.
  5. It may handle some, but at some point it would be damaged.
  6. Depends on the load on the load on BEC.