Power module question for NAVIO2

I am a beginner in this hobby.
recently bought a power module for pixhawk but i change my mind to use NAVIO2
will this power module also fit NAVIO2?
it use XT60 cable and 6 pin power socket

Input voltage: 6~30V (2~8S)
Output voltage: 5.3V ± 0.1V
Maximum output current: 3A
Maximum current: 90A
Maximum voltage: 30V
6P cable can be directly connected to APM/Pixhawk flight control
Additional 4P rows of pin-free to wire/PIN to connect to another flight control
Dimensions: 25mm x 21mm x 9mm
Weight: 17g (containing all the wire/plug is not included)


I use a 100A Mauch power module on my 6S Navio2 OctoQuadX copter. (Navio power module died one day when plugging the battery). I just replaced the plugs from XT60 to XT90.

Pay attention at the wiring between Power Module and Navio and adjust the Amp and Volt values in the settings.


Hi @joonyoung86,

Yes, it should suit Navio2 without any issues.
You can always buy Navio2 power module separately from our online store.

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