Power Module PWR101 Max Current

Hi everyone,

I just bought the Power Module PWR101 but then I realized that the total current consumption of the motors I will use can reach up to 70A whereas module current sensing is limited to 60A.

I didn’t find any datasheet of this power module, so here is the question: is the module able to sustain more than 60A (if yes, how much?) with something like a saturation to 60A for the reading?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The power module itself can sustain up to 90A, but as ADC on Navio+ is 3.3V you should only use it up to 60A. Higher current will likely damage the ADC.

Thanks ivereninov for the answer.

After further search, I realized the following thing which I think you already know but I write it anyway as it can help other people.

In fact, this power module is calibrated to measure 90A for a 5V ADC.
So, as you said, the 60A max sensing limitation announced in power module characteristics does not come from the power module itself but from the Navio+ ADC. So I think I will add a voltage divider between power module and ADC in order to increase max current sensing.