Power Module not powering up the Navio2 and RPi

I have the power module connected to my 3S battery and to my Navio2. However the Navio2 and RPi do not power up. I measure 11.37 volts across the inputs to the power module and 5.32 volts between the 5V and Gnd connections of the power module connector on the Navio2.

Are there any other checks I can do to identify the problem?

The first picture shows a close-up of the configuration.
The second picture shows a distance view, with the power module in the view.
The third picture shows the Navio2 powered up using power supplied to the RPi.


you have to use the provided screws to fix RPi and Navio2 together. Navio2 uses a connector with low insertion force and without the screws, there will be contact problems.

Thanks Sebastian.
I had removed the cover to the case while investigating the problem, and the screws of that cover did secure the Navio2 to the RPi.
I have attached another photo showing screws in place and securing the Navio2 tightly to the RPi. However the problem still exists.

You should measure the voltage at the GPIO connector. The three pins in the top left corner of the Navio2 regarding to your photo are +5V, +5V and ground. The 5V should be there no matter how you power everything. If you connect the power module, the power goes from the Navio to the Rpi and if you plug in the USB it is the other way round. For testing you should only connect one power source at a time, of course. ; -)
If you do not measure any voltage at the connector, I would say there is something wrong with your Navio board and only Emlid can help.

Thanks Sebastian

When powered from the Raspberry Pi those GPIO Pins 2 and 4 both measure 5 volts relative to pin 6.

However when powered from the power module connected to the Navio2 those pins are at 0 volts.

@schuermannsebastian is right, seems like something is wrong with your board. Please send and email to support@emlid.com with your order number and the link to this thread, we will arrange a replacement for you.

OK, I have done that.