Power Module dead after connecting it without the ESCs

Using a Navio2/Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.
Latest Emlid Raspbian (Updated 4/19/21)
Arducopter 4.0.7

This configuration had been working fine but then I separated the electronics housing from the body of the hexacopter (disconnected all the ESCs) to calibrate the Compass and GPS more easily, as suggested by the ardupilot guide. BUT, when I connected the battery to the Power Module 2.0 that I bought along with the Navio2 from Emlid I heard a pop and the Navio never booted. Upon inspection, there’s a hole in the 8 pin chip on the bottom side of the power module. Tried to measure voltage, got zero. Why would this thing die? It’s meant to support a 6s input and it had been working fine the only thing that changed was that all the ESCs were disconnected. Does anyone know what chip this is. I could replace it if I knew what it was.

The Navio2 stills boots up fine if I power it via the raspberry pi USB.

Hi David,

Thanks for the detailed description of the issue!

Did this issue with the power module happen from the very beginning of its usage?

No I had been using it fine with no problems but I disconnected all the ESC to calibrate the compass more easily and when I connected the battery the power module stopped working. Ordered another power module and its working fine now. I guess that power module just can’t handle the sudden voltage input. The new power module I got from Amazon has a cap across the input to prevent this.


As you’ve mentioned, the power module supports LiPo batteries up to 6S and is capable of sensing the max current of 60 A. Usually, it can be better to power up the full assembly after all of the components have been attached. So this could have triggered the issue with the power module.