Power module connected backwards and burned

I’ve just made a really stupid mistake. I connected a battery to my power module, but I attached the positive terminal to the negative jack, and conversely. Now the power module does’t work anymore. Is there any component I can replace to make it work? Or is it ruined beyond repair?

it’s likely you only need an external bec and you can continue using current and voltage sensor; (somebody correct me if I’m wrong)
you could disconnect the 2 positive wires (red one and the one beside to it) and connect it to your BEC 5v+;
ground wire (on the opposite side of the red wire) should be added to the existing ground wire; (solder together ground from BEC, power module and navios connector)
if you have a multimeter i would mease voltages on the power modules pins before connecting them again to Navio;

all in all i’m not sure if it’s worth the risk of a total power failure mid-flight; i wouldn’t recommend if major heat did occurred or visual damage…

if you want to unsolder and element from the board and resolder it, i’m not sure if its the “8 leg” - chip…

Thanks panky. I will consider what you’ve said. My idea was to replace the broken component, but I’m not sure what that would be. Maybe the “8 leg”, as you’ve said.