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Power Module Buzzer codes

(Anton Pryamostanov) #1

Hi Folks!

When I connect the Power Module to battery, it gives buzzer alarm:

Is there a list of Buzzer codes somewhere?
Does anyone know what does this alarm (in the youtube video) means?

  1. I am trying to use 2S NiMH battery (7.4V) with 4 DJI Phantom 1 controllers.
    Actual Battery voltage measured by multimeter is 7.7V at the time of test.
  2. Raspberry Pi/Navio2 are powered OK and stays powered.
  3. ESCs LEDs light for few seconds and switch off
  4. Buzzer keeps sounding

Thank you!

(Anton Pryamostanov) #3

seems that I found the issue.

Sorry it was not the Power Module buzzer!
It is the DJI ESC buzzer. I am beginner and didn’t know DJI ESC has separate buzzers.

The issue is that DJI ESC seems not to work with 2S. It wants min 3S as per my understanding.

(Dmitriy Ershov) closed #5