Power Module Buzzer codes

Hi Folks!

When I connect the Power Module to battery, it gives buzzer alarm:

Is there a list of Buzzer codes somewhere?
Does anyone know what does this alarm (in the youtube video) means?

  1. I am trying to use 2S NiMH battery (7.4V) with 4 DJI Phantom 1 controllers.
    Actual Battery voltage measured by multimeter is 7.7V at the time of test.
  2. Raspberry Pi/Navio2 are powered OK and stays powered.
  3. ESCs LEDs light for few seconds and switch off
  4. Buzzer keeps sounding

Thank you!

seems that I found the issue.

Sorry it was not the Power Module buzzer!
It is the DJI ESC buzzer. I am beginner and didn’t know DJI ESC has separate buzzers.

The issue is that DJI ESC seems not to work with 2S. It wants min 3S as per my understanding.

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