Power module 120A?


I’m building a hexacopter and need a bigger power module. I’m looking for max 120A (4S lipo) and what i can understand the PWR101 is rated at max 60A but able to withstand up to 90A?

Is there any recommendation for such a module?

The power module is rated for 90A, but then it gives out 5V and the Navio can only take 3.3V. So you end up with a 60A power module.
The atto pilot series of Voltage/Current sensors are using 3.3V max for their rated current, so you could use one of these.
I might be wrong, but I think an atto pilot sensor will not power the Navio, so you would have to use a BEC as a power source.

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How about this 90A one?

But, yes, like Sebastian said, it doesn’t provide power, only voltage and current sensing.

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For 120A you would need this one:

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Thank you all for your help!

I did just order one 180A. Just waiting for my props to arrive, then its time to build!

I personally will use an AttoPilot 180A for one of my Copters.
I connected three of the wires from the 6 Pin Power Cable to the voltage/current/ground cables of the Sensor.
Two cables I connected to a UBEC. So I can power and sense the current flow like with the original Power Module.
A problem is just the greater weight of this system.
If needed I can make some photos…

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got it to work, but I broke beige plug from fishbonne power module.

Can someone help me, I’m looking for a replacement, but I can not find the name of the contact. Seems like the white (the side connected to the power module) is not the same contact as the beige in the Navio+ end.

Is it a df13, or is the white one a df13, or both? Cannot fit the white end in the navio connector.

Beige is DF13, white is Molex Picoblade.

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