Power Connector

Hi All,
I am using the emlid power module (expensive!) and find its connector (DF13) woefully inadequate. Has a cheap part been used for the plug as the connection is not positive at all.

The power plug just drops out all the time even just bench testing, at which point the fc goes into failsafe as no voltage is being reported. Yes voltage failsafe can be disabled but that’s not ideal either.

Can something be done in code to report a nominal voltage if a secondary power source is still connected? Yes the board has full power through much better connectors (usb or servo rail/bec) but these are not really usable as voltage is not passed on to arducopter.

For such an important piece of the puzzle, I’m surprised that the design settled on a connector that has no positive locking capability.

I’m at a loss on what to do here as I don’t want to risk the model to failsafe just when I’m trying to get it to fly.

Suggestions welcome.

there are quite some other power modules on the market, but none of them uses a different connector. I never had any problem with my power module, and it is quite under some stress in my drone, as the connectors for my bat are not very idealy placed. If you want to be 100% sure you can always glue the connector on with some hot glue, but maybe you just got a broken connector. As I said, mine works just fine. Also what kind of connector qould you have prefered. I can see emlids point, because this connector is compatible with some other power modules desinged for more power…

This definitely should not be the case. Please reach out to support@emlid.com with pictures of the problem and if the power module is faulty we will send you a replacement.

I cut off the heat shrink and replaced the cable and it seams to be holding tight. Not sure how but maybe the connector got damaged. Anyway, all good now.

Just to close out this thread, I thought that I’d highlight that the Pixracer has moved away from DF13 type connections and is using positive locking JST GH connectors:



Food for thought.