Power connection for development


As per the docs, for development, I am powering the RPI2 using USB (source from laptop). In the drone, I supply power via power port and server rail (source from LiPo battery). All good.

Sometimes when I have USB connected for development, and would like to plug in the ESC for testing, is it safe to do so? Ie can the USB (source laptop), power port and server rail (source LiPo) all be connected at the same time? Just wanted to ask just in case I blow up the navio board.


Reading from other threads, I am now powering the RPI2/Navio+ using micro usb (source laptop), and connecting the ESC (source LiPo) when I need to test the motors. No need to connect anything to Navio+'s power port. All good.

One thing to note, the ESC with the servo rail power will get hot when powering up this way. Please disconnect the servo rail to prevent the ESC from heating up!

All three power sources can be used simultaneously as they are protected by ideal diodes.

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