Power cable

I have a Reach RS+. I want to mount this permanently outside and have it powered on all the time. I see this cable on the Emlid store.

I need something longer than 2m though. More like 5m. What do you all recommend to do this? The cable has to go through an exterior wall too and I’m not opposed to splicing wire inside to make the end easier to fish through a smaller hole in the wall.



Maybe just an extension cable? A M-F serial cable would probably be the easiest to find.

The problem is, I don’t want to have to drill a larger hole to get this cable inside. Which is what I’d have to do whether I’m fishing the Reach connector side though or the DB9 connector side through.

Hi Ryan,

I’d recommend connecting a standard serial cable with the necessary length to the Reach RS+, as Michael mentioned.

You only should connect the wires accordingly to the RS-232 port pinout, which can be found here. For powering, you will need to use GND and 5-40V Input pins.

The DB9 connector is needed for communication with devices that requires it (for example, PC), it is not mandatory to use this connector.

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