Power cable failure + Powering Navio2 only from the servo rail

Hi everyone I’m new so I hope I’m typing my question in the right place. The thing is my power cable suddenly burnt as I was plugging the battery pin and a new one recquires many days to arrive from China due Covid. So I was wondering if it is possible to use Navio2 powering it only from the servo rail (I know they say it can provide power as a redaundacy source). I would not power it by USB because I know that using a smartphone charger is not healthy due to the fact it sends impulsive current. Hope someone could soon reply. Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @scorrano.c94,

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Yes, you can power the Navio2 via the Servo Rail in such cases. All you need to do is to plug the BEC to any free channel of the servo rail. Please, keep in mind that BEC should supply voltage in the range of 4.8 to 5.3 volts.

As an alternative, you can check the availability of the Power Module at any online electronics vendor in your region. We use a standard Power Module, so it might be available in the local marketplaces. It will enable you to trim off the delivery time. A spec-list and a picture of it from our store might be of help here.

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