Potential wifibroadcast patches (2.3 ham + internal rcv)

Hi All,

I know the MyPiDrone guys got the 2.3 ham bands working with the AR9271 chipset. While the patches are not actually direct plug and play any more, they are easy enough to follow and manually add:

Some additional background is given here (just needs google translate):


I got the kernel building and installed on latest when I ran into problems the rcio drivers (and also realized that wbc had been consumed by emlid so I was semi wasting my time). I dont think these would be very hard to ingest - they point to where the max_power numbers are that can be changed to 30, and would give additional bands.

Another thought I had was building in the nexmon stuff (monitor mode with the internal wifi):

This would allow the TX to be handled by a single wifi dongle and the rx (on a different channel, with a low, resilient 1Mb link) to handle control. I have not done this yet, but in theory it is possible. From there we can get super fun control from your phone or a ground pi etc without requiring another antenna/link onboard.


You do know that this is mentioned directly on the WBC page, and theres one very good reason he did not make this an option. The chip simply was not efficient with the patch. Im not saying that there aren’t certain chips that will work well on 2.3 but the WN722 he tested was not good.