Postprocessing with gnss solutions software

Good morning everyone. I am trying to postprocessing a static point in a other brand software, GNSS solutions of Spectra brand.

well, someone has tried it? I have difficults to upload the rinex file (rinex frome my rs2).

There are some specs to files?

Thank you.

Change the version of your rinex to 2.11. Saludos.

Hello, thank for your response.

I will convert my UBX in Rinex 2.11, but the program throws an error message as you can see in the attached photo.

Can you share the files?

Did You use Emlid Studio?

I use the GNSS program a lot to process data from the emlid Rs+ devices. What I do is that from my emlid I save the observations in UBX format and then transform them to RINEX 2.11, with the RTKCONV-QT program from Rtklib and thus I do not get any errors in the GNSS when loading the files.

Hi @ingelciv,

I agree with Jorge, can you send us logs so we can check from our side? You can send this information privately to

Also, are you using the latest firmware on the RS2?

Hello, thank you for your response.

I am using the 31.7 firmware. Today I am installing the 31.8, but I can´t believe that the 31.7 firmware be the cause of this error.

The link is to download the file. RS2 base log.


Jaime Lopez.

Yes, I have used the emlid studio, but saddly in the emlid studio cant print the report.


Thank you for your response. I will trying convert my ubx with rtk lib.


Hi, do you know for emlid reach rs2, this parameters??

In height type, there are 3 options, vertical, slant and true. What is the right?

thank you.

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The link Bryan provided earlier has the most accurate information on the parameters you need. Here’s a direct link to RS2’s. It looks like C1 and C2 should correspond to the G01 and G02 values. I’m not sure about h, from the picture it might be the distance between the survey pole and the ARP.

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