Postprocessing in Leica infinity vs Emlid Studio

I have the following problem:

1 - I use a CORS correction provider and my EMLID RS2 as rover

2 - I get fix with no problems

3 - The CORS provides me also a RINEX from the same station

4 - Postprocessing in EMLID STUDIO the values slightly differ from RTK, thats ok.

5 - When postprocessing with Infinity got fix in all but values differ from a very small difference to 5 or 10 cm.

Any clues? I really need to do the post processing in infinity for its reports. Also if someone has CHC OFFICE and a good workflow also appreciate.

Is that seen on all 3 coordinates ? Or just height ?

Few questions to investigate :

  • Have you controlled that CORS coordinates used by Infinity are exactly the same than in Emlid Studio ?
  • What antenna calibration does it use ?
  • Broadcast or precise ephemerides ?
  • How do you compare both trajectories by the way ?
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Hi Guillermo,

Different post-processing softwares have different calculation algorithms, so slightly various results are expected.

In addition to Florian’s right questions, I’d suggest you recording a raw data log on the known benchmark for post-processing. Then, it’s possible to calculate its coordinates in both softwares, and we can help you with analyzing the Emlid Studio result. You can send your logs to