Post-prosessing help!


Help me! I am a beginner…

I getting a fix at

I get files there, but I do not know how to get them to work with RTKLIb.

BASE -> JOEN is 60km away from where I saved REACH RAW data

Here are some screenshots …

And why is not the RTKPOST program section “RINEX OBS: Base Station” is not selectables?

And how do I use downloaded data? Is it possible?


Please start with this tutorial:


I read and I made a correction with correctio data saved by Rover.

Now I would like to learn to use that data that I get from the nearest base station.

How do I use the files in the picture 3? There is no .obs file …

I’m not an expert in this at all, Try this website: . It seems to address the crx.gz files as containing the observation file in compressed form.

It appears that this is new stuff. Most USA sites are only GPS or GPS + GLO. It appears that your base station covers GPS, GLO, GAL, CIN, etc. The files appear to be in the new compressed format.

I believe the RTKLIB pdf manual covers use of the compressed format, but not sure.

I think Base obs file is not requested if not needed as in Single mode.

Be interesting to see results…

Good Luck.

Hi again

I have learned to use the RTKLIB program, but it not was is easy to me…:thinking::sleeping:

Files can be downloaded without compression when it dowload one by one.

Here’s my best result using data from a public service provider.
Rover <-> base station distance is 68,5 km

Is there any harm if the all satellite systems are selected in settings?

It’s hard to see what the units are in the .jpg image, but for a baseline of 68.5 km, the FIX would appear to be impressive. Perhaps you could elaborate on your Base Station, etc. Maybe you can help some of us…

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