Post-processing with Trimble Business Center software


We have surveyed with two Reach RS and we keep them running for many hours for Base and around 30 minutes for each Rover point. We downloaded the log files and they are quite big with around 200MB. We followed the post-processing tutorial: but RTKLIB RTKPOST software was always freezing and could not process the files.

We have a copy of Trimble Business Center software and we are wondering if anybody here in the forum has experience processing RINEX data with Trimble Business Center software?

Thank you in advance if you could give us some guides.

Hi, sorry for the bad English, but I’m using the Google translator, I used the TBC, what are your doubts about it?

My question is how can we process data (UBX files) collected by Reach RS with TBC software?

In order to process with the TBC, you must first convert the UBX data to RINEX since TBC does not recognize the UBX format.

I tried to convert but not successful. Could you show me how to convert to RINEX?

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