Post processing with EZSurv - best choice

After reading a post in the forums here I heard about a very intuitive software called EZSurv.
I went to their website and signed up for a week trial.
Stephanie sent me a product key to download the software,
and literally in a few clicks I had my base and rover data processed.
One more click, and I had a tag file for my images.
Turns out the format of my tag file wasnt in the correct system for Pix4d.
One more click and my data was converted.

Zero screwing around or starting over. She walked me through the features of the software and I have to admit, it is extremely user friendly and im very impressed.

If your tired of messing around with RTKLIB, swearing at your computer, and want an easy to use very intuitive software that will locate a CORS station for you,
Hit up EZSurv. NOW!

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I have trialed the software, but I had the opposite findings.
I found it very unintuitive, with a very steep learning curve, and with an even steeper price point.

The UI smells like Windows XP, no tooltips on any icons.
The way results are presented (in notepad-like text) seems ancient to me.
I also did get it work, though I had to watch tutorials first. However, I didn’t see a precision increase, and I lacked the graphical represention of my results.

Now, your mileage may vary, as they say. Mine was poor, especially when I learned the price.


I have had excellent results with EZSurv and the Emlid Reach RS, with average accuracies of <1cm in x and y and <1.5cm in Z for static points - this is keeping the rover on the point between 10-30 minutes. So very happy. Yes the price is higher, but it automatically downloads the CORS data and gives you an accurate result (for us) within seconds. The workflow is a lot easier than RTKLIB, however you pay for it, which depending on your application and budget may or may not work for you.


The workflow is quicker and leaner, no doubt, but you’d have to have a serious throughput to justify spending the same amount as on ~2 RS+ units.

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