Post processing using 3rd party software

1.I have 3 of the rs2 units that I use for both rtk and static works.but after static observations when I do my post processing using topcon tools version 8.2 I get code differential.i read in one of the post to update my reach of which I did but yet I get the same code differential after post processing.

  1. Again when I set my reach on a known base with known coordinates and apply manual base setup,I don’t get fix unless I average single in the base setup and apply base shift.this is really giving me hard time. I’m from Ghana.

Hi Jesse,

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Could you please send your raw data logs to I’ll examine them to see what might go wrong there.

At first glance, it looks like this may be related to processing settings or software requirements. However, if Topcon Tools doesn’t give any error messages pointing out the reason for this, it may be quite hard to investigate. Still, if there are any processing reports, please send them as well.

If you also have logs from other receivers that are processed fine, it’d be helpful to look at them.

The thing is that the base may not start sending corrections until the coordinates are set up. When you set them manually, please make sure that they’re configured and the coordinates are correct. They should be relatively close to the coordinates averaged in SINGLE.

Also, if you use the picker to choose the known point from the project, please double-check the project’s coordinate system. It should be right to convert the local coordinates of the known point to geographical coordinates correctly.

If you face any difficulties, please send the following data as well:

  • The issue’s screenshots with the known coordinates of the point
  • The project’s coordinate system
  • The averaged coordinates in the SINGLE mode

I’ll compare them to see what can be the reason for this.

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