Post processing static

Has anyone successfully post processed reach as rover (L1 only) and leica or trimble etc (L1 and L2) as base in rtklib?
In the rtklib settings am i correct to choose L1 only?

Was thinking as an efficient workflow for static observations…
Using reach in rover and as base (on known survey point) and post processing.
Then post processing rover data with publically available CORS (L1 and L2) rinex dataset as a check.
Hence reducing the need for a 3rd reach unit and reducing time with a third stn setup. Thoughts?

Hi Hedges,

There shouldn’t be any issues when processing Reach logs against RINEX from other base stations in RTKLib.
You can choose to process L1 data only.

Why do you need 3rd Reach unit?

So im establishing a control point for construction work (x,y,z)

The nearest survey monument is 6kms away and nearest CORS 30kms away so to far to level traverse…So naturally thought Reach!

I currently have 2 reach units. Thought an effecient method to set the control would be…

Set up base at survey monument (6kms away)
Set up rover at new stn (required point)
Obtain rinex logs for cors stn (30kms away)
All observing satellites at same time…

Then firstly post processing in rtklib the baseline between reach rover and base to get most precise position (shorter baseline). Then processing baseline between CORS and rover and CORS and base as check on solution.

That should work! Would be great to see your progress with this.

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