Post Processing RTK Survey Data


I set up ReachRS2 Base on a tripod and configured its Base Mode to send Corrections via LoRa.
Reach RS2 Rover got FIXED solution and I surveyed dozens of points in RTK mode.

Now I am back to office. What is the workflow to analyse and deliver the sub-centimetre quality coordinates of the surveyed points?

RTK POST does not generate any file with the surveyed points.

If they were surveyed with a fixed RTK solution they do not need any further processing. PPK is when the observation logs are used. It can be a good practice though to log while you RTK in the event that something happens or just as a double-check.

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I think he is talking about justification Post-processing report some customers (organizations) request this kind of report because the RTK result does not provide any.

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Oh, ok. That is why I mentioned PPK because we have several governmental entities that require the raw data even though the results are based on RTK capture.


Most commercial PP software packages generate point reports. JAVAD Justin software report mirrors NGS OPUS report. I’m not sure rtklib does, but others on the forum and Michael Lambert would know for sure.

To my understanding the logging is automatically ON in ReachRS2, isn’t it?

I have Leica Geo Office and cannot use Reach’s RAW data to post process that.
I have a separate topic on this:

I am really confused with the fact that RAW ubx files downloaded from the Base and Rover units are TOTALLY IDENTICAL, even though in the Logging section of each unit the same raw data has different size 6.62 MB and 6.4MB.

How is it ever possible?

I have downloaded the raw data from the Rover using Android Smartphone and this time the data is DIFFERENT from the Base.

From what I have seen UBX is not especially if you have turned it off in the past.

Hi @vusal.jalilov,

We are aware of this issue and at the moment we are in the process of releasing a fix on that. In the meantime, there are two workarounds available:

  • Connect a base and a rover to one external Wi-Fi network and download the logs this way
  • Use Android smartphone as you did

Hi Vuslal,

We’ve just released the new stable firmware - 2.24.0. It contains many significant improvements, including the fix of the issue with the download of two identical logs. You can update the firmware of your receiver by connecting your RS2 to the Wi-Fi network and checking for updates in the ReachView app.

You can check the full changelog in this thread.

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